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02-25-2013 2:32:26 AM CST
2 of these batons can be purchased for $35, including shipping, anywhere in the USA, just go to paypal and send $35. to pjpdclay@gmail.com this is my paypal address. thanks oldgeezer

02-04-2013 8:23:02 PM CST
I have stopped my gifts to the Wounded warrior project, their expenses exceed 30%.$300,000 salary,+ bonuses,no way, I'll just add my $19.00 to my church check, thankyou.

01-29-2013 9:33:31 AM CST
The Second amendment gives Us the Power to Defend All Our Freedoms..............

01-19-2013 2:48:35 PM CST

This is the way I feel about it!! thanks

01-16-2013 12:43:12 PM CST
This year will go down in history. For the first time,A civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets are safer,our police are more efficient,and the world will follow our lead into the future, Adolph Hitler ,Germany, 1933. Ain't this a crock!!!

12-29-2012 12:26:49 PM CST
Recently, I took a man to the airport,(I work at a hotel), I ask, where's home, he answered, S E Asia, I said, couldn't be Viet Nam could it? He reply ,were you ever there, I said,never set foot in the place, I was about 200 miles off shore, send supplies to the troops, he ask ,what kind of supplies?, I said, bombs,rockets,sidewinders,and a bunch of 20 mm, he asked, why so many explosives?, I said,Gifts for the VC, I said ,you weren't a VC were you, NO, No , No VC, not me, I thought he was going to jump out of the van

12-25-2012 5:04:49 AM CST
The US constitution is neither"Living or dead".It is fixed until it is amended. But amending is the privilege of the people, not by politicians or judges.

06-12-2012 10:54:40 AM CST
NY teacher wont let little children sing "God bless the USA" what kind of piece of trash is that? She needs a good beatin' I am the oldgeezer66, I'm just an old man, 72 years old,a Navy veteran, thanks Paul clay po box,1521 Catoosa, Ok 74015

02-07-2012 3:25:01 PM CST

steel baton, cannot be sold on ebay, limited supply,this can save your life, 19+" long,with nylon sheath,can ship next business day, priority mail, all 50 states after payment,paypal only, my ebay feedback exceeds 600,100%,my paypal address is pjpdclay@gmail.com total cost $19.99

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