If you would be so kind to send me your email address, I will send you the plans for my no-fuel generator, 

My website was hacked, who ever did this is now selling plans for a no-fuel generator almost exactly

to mine and this is why I am going to give mine away, NO Cost to anyone who request it, I have sold

thousands of these for $10.00  lately I have sold them for $5.00, . I sold them from my website,The rattle snake

hacked my website and put his no-fuel generator plan where mine was,

 his plans sold for over $30.00, this makes me mad, this is why I am giving mine away,  I will not share 

or sell or in any way trade your info away to anyone for any reason, I am an old man, I was trained by the USNavy

as an electrician, many years ago, and I am also licensed by the FAA for work on airplanes, I specialized

as an aircraft electrician , thanks . and I wish you and your family the very best, PClay., My email is 

pclay  pclay440@gmail.com



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