This is the reason I call my website oldgeezerelectriccompany.com

1st, I'm old, 77 to be exact,and I developed a no-fuel generator

to power most of my needs here at home when the electric goes OFF.

My power is Off right now, 7/11/2017, it's a little after 2: am,I am

running on my no-fuel generator.I just sell plans, no parts,and I'll tell

you where to find parts that you need at the best prices anywhere.I have

sold thousands for $10.00 , now I have reduced the price to $5.00 USD,

payable to my paypal account,, just$5.00    familydefense4you@gmail.com, PAYPAL Email

thank you. I need your mailing address, I mail 1st class 3 times a week,

USA only, all 50 states, Also I need your email address, so I can tell you

when I mailed your order, thanks, 

The more batteries you use, the longer the power stays on, 

I always use a solar charger, hooked up all the time

its just a trickle charger so it doesn't hurt your batteries, 

you can see a picture of an assembled no-fuel generator

at my ebay ad website, http://tinyurl.com/zlk3usj  

JUst click on "see other items" thank you, 7/11/2017

As of August 1 2018, this plan of the NO- fuel

generator will be FREE , 

all I ask is you to fill out a form with your name 

and email address, so I can send you a

message about 3 times a month, about car/truck 
maintenance, I owned a full service shop for over 30 years, I specialized in Performance, auto electric,

Air conditioning and front wheel drive problems.

so I know a lot about these subjects. 

something FREE right now, Attention KIA and Hyundai

vehicles ,there is a recall in effect, NOT all vehicles are 

incuded, but many are, We are talking engine failure

here, It can be taking care of very easily, if its not too late.

Most people I know do not change their motor oil often 

enough,to take care of this problem, these engines were

built in the USA, the oil holes are not big enough in the rod caps and crankshaft,its oil starvation,gunk and sludge get to the crankshaft, its OVER.

all you need to do is change oil every 4000 miles, and add a good oil additive, such as Prolong  or, ER,

ER is energy release, same chemically as prolong, 
works beyond belief, Have a great day, PC

More to come later.

the reason I am giving my plans away, someone

has hacked my website, and selling their version 

of the No-fuel plans for over $ 30. made me mad, 

so I am going to send mine to anyone who wants it

FREE , thank you, 


‎19 ‎July, ‎2017
Safety should be at the start of any DIY project, this is no different,
This is not a toy, If you don't understand the directions , ask someone 
well versed in electricity, The author cannot and will not be liable for any
damage or injury to anyone, If you can change out your battery and starter
on your vehicle, you can do this. This is my NO-fuel generator,  You can  have the plans
FREE, no charge, I need you to give me permission to send you a message about maintenace
and tips on auto repair about 3 times a month, in the form of a email. Just click on my form
at top of my webpage, http://tinyurl.com/otz4348, this goes to my home page, then click on
no-fuel generator Plan, NO charge,. Why, because some one hacked my website, they are selling about the same thing I have for over $30. crooks, I call em. This is in effect as of August 1, 2017   Thank you