Your vehicle will thank you for this, I have been a mechanic

nearly my whole life, also owned my own auto repair shop for

about 20 years, I had to retire to take care of my wife who

was very ill. This oil treatment has so many good reasons to

use it, It reduces friction, so the engine runs cooler, If your

engine runs a little too warm, the oil treatment will fix that,

It also frees up your engine, it idles faster, , however

with the computers today in all the vehicle, the idle speed is

controlled by the computer so you may not notice any different,

However, if your vehicle has a tachometer,and you remember the

RPM of your engine at 60 MPH, then the RPM of your engine at

the same speed will be slower. My personal vehicle runs 1100 RPM

at 50 MPH, top gear( drive),Thats just 400 rpm above idle.

Your lawnmower engine runs

faster, you may have to adjust it, because it has no computer.

I use the oil treatment in my aircompressor, I use it to oil any

thing that needs oiling. I add about 2 ounces to the rear end, in 

my truck, put your hand on your rear end when you come to stop

after an hour drive, feel the heat, then add a couple of ounces of 

the oil treatment,,  you can touch it again after a

short drive and its cooler. If you don't do this, youll never know,

we also mixed some of this oil treatment with some wheel bearing

grease,we had this old truck we serviced for several years, in over

450,000 miles, we only replaced one front end part, a drag link, part

cost about $65. We had a rail job, (dragster) we had to replace the

front wheel bearings with every run, since we started using this 

grease, we haven't replaced a single bearing, The rail job runs about,

300 + mph. Check us out, you'll be glad you did. The best part, I nearly forgot, 

I tried to sell my product to a firm that built engines for oil companies, several

different sizes, from 2 to 12 cylinders, I took my oil additive and all the information I had available, and left them a gallon of oil treatment, about a month later, they called me and told me to come and get the material I left them, 

they tested it and said, "we don't want our engines to run that long"

True story., This is Prolong Super Lubricants.












This is what you are looking for.


  The reason your engine has problems?

the factory didn't make the oil holes in the crankshaft big enough

causing oil starvation to the rod bearings and the main bearings,part of the problem,  If You don't have your oil changed often enough,

, every 4,000 miles, change your oil, then ad a good engine additive, Prolong, or Energy Release, 2 ounces for each quart of oil, (4 QTs of oil, ad 8 ounces of engine treatment )  

this is a must, other wise, you may cause this problem with the engine,

yourself. You don't have to add this additive to your oil everytime you change oil, My test concluded that there is enough additive in the crank case after 3 oil changes, so I ad some to my oil, every third  oil change,

A word to wise, should be sufficient,,,,,,,,,,,, ............