I can refurbish your power

tool batteries, send them to me,I will send them back to you within 5 days,

I can refurbish all kinds of batteries ,even the ION,batteries,I can reprogram the 

ion batteries, You must charge them with your charger when I send it back to you, 

all other batteries, I will recharge them before I send them back to you,

a lot of the tool batteries, (drills,saws,new batteries cost  over $100. 

I charge $35.00 to refurbish these batteries,they work good as new.


Paul Clay, 110 S 169 E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74108   address where to send your batteries.

If I can't refurbish them, I will send them back to you, $5 only, that will pay postage back to you.

you need to mark your batteries with a magic marker, I want to make sure

you get the same battery you sent me. 

Please package your battery with air bubble packaging, I will use the same packaging

back to you.


USA only, I recently had an order from Israel, postage was more than my charges to refurbish the battery. 

Please no phone calls, I don't have time to answer the phone and 

work also. thanks for understanding,

you can send me an email, 

.pclay440@gmail.com put battery in subject line.

I take paypal, 

paypal email is, familydefense4you@gmail.com


please send the charger that you charge your batteries with, 

if your are sending different batteries, I need the charger for that too!

I have several chargers, but I may not have the ones for your batteries.

  but their must be 100's of them,) 

thank you, pc